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Reham Khan News Anchor Biography Career (Review)

Reham Khan news anchorReham Khan is a beautiful lady of 42 years old. She is divorced with 3 Children , Sahir , Ridha and Inaya Rehman. She was born in Libya. After that she brought up in Pakistan. She moved to UK after marriage with UK nationality holder Pakistani doctor.

Reham Khan was born April 3, 1973 in Libya to Pakistani Parents from Abbotabad. Her parents then went back to Pakistan with their Three Children, Muneer, Salma and Reham .They moved back when Reham was 2 years old. Reham then went to Presentation Convent School in Peshawar in Pakistan.

She got married to her cousin Ijaz Rehman (Doctor) in Abbotabad and moved to the UK with him. Reham is and has been a Pakistani National only since birth, but applied for British Citizenship after Marrying Ijaz Rehman. Reham had three kids with Ijaz Rehman one son named Sahir, and two girls Ridha and Inaya Rehman.

Reham lost her Job in BBC after BBC did DQF job cuts in 2012 and was forced to give up, and her perspective was ne’er filled by the BBC. Reham went to Pakistan and started working there. She has worked for Aaj Tv, but after being fired by Aaj Tv, she applied to PTV , she was fired by PTV & also by News 1, in the past 17 months she has been fired from 5 TV channels. She now works for Dawn News.Now she is the wife of PTI Chairman Imran Khan.