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Ramazan Mubarak Itikaaf Importance Masail In Urdu

ramazan aitikaaf ehmiyat in urduRamazan Kareem is the Holy month for Muslims. In this month Allah send blessings to their persons. Muslims pray to Allah and say prayers for their forgiveness. There are three parts of Ramadhan kareem. We can say these parts Ashra. 1st Ashra of Ramazan is called Rehmat (blessing) ofAllah. 2nd Ashra is called for forgiveness. The last Ashra is called to save from Jahanum Ki Aag.

In the 3rd Ashra Muslims take place in Masjid’s as Itikaaf. This way Muslim say their nowafil, prayers, reciting Quran in Masjid’s. Itikaaf is very important worship for Muslims during Holy month of Ramzan.  Here full detail Importance Itikaaf Masail O Nowafil in Urdu. Download Ramazan Itikaaf Importance in Urdu.Speech on ramazan itikaaf