Sunday, December 4 2022

Ramadhan Karim Jumma Mubarak (Friday) Masnoon Dua

special dua for Jumma Friday

Today is the holy day Friday (Jumma Mubarak) of Ramadhan Kareem. Muslims worships Allah and pray to Him for forgiveness. They also make special prayers in Jumma Mubarak. They recite Holy Quran and also say Jumma Mubarak in gathering. Here you will find Masnoon Dua for 1st Jumma Mubarak. This Dua (Pray) in English verses. Download dua pray for Jumma ul Mubarak now or read online.

Masnoon Dua For Jumma Mubarak

Ya Allah

I Am Lost & I Am Confused

Darkness Is Not My Place

I Want To See & I Want To Live

& I Can Not Live Like This

Show Me The Light The Light That

Shines So Bright & Show Me The Path To My Future

A Future Full of Happiness &


Show Me The Path To A Place

A Place Where I Can Fly Free

Send Me The Love The Love That

Will Last For Eternity

Let Me Not Forget Why I Am Here

For U Are The Reason I Want To


So Ya Allah

Show Me The Path That Leads Me To

Ur Way

Aameen Ya Rubbul Almeen.

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