Sunday, December 4 2022

Punjab Green Tractor Scheme Balloting Draw Result 2012

Green Tractor Scheme 2012 balloting will be done in Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan and Rawalpindi today in 1st October, 2012. Punjab Green Tractor Scheme is a tractor subsidy programme by the Govt. of Punjab to facilitate the farmers of Punjab.Punjab Green Tractor Scheme Balloting Draw Result

All the farmers from all the districts of Punjab were eligible to apply for the tractors under the scheme. A subsidy of Rs200,000 would be very helpful for the poor farmers who want to use tractor to mechanize their farm operations.

Green Tractor Scheme balloting result will be updated here as soon as we get the lists. This scheme is for the youth empowerment in Punjab.

Green Tractor Scheme for Rural Youth will help the youth of rural areas to better utilize their potential for the promotion f agriculture and also to uplift their social status.

The parters of the scheme along with Punjab Govt are Punjab Bank and the Agriculture Department of Punjab. More than 257,000 applications were received for Green Tractor Scheme.

This year only 10,000 tractors will be given to the rural youth of Punjab.

Green Tractor Scheme Draw results will be uploaded soon.

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