Sunday , October 24 2021

Punjab Govt Pensioners Life Certificate Download

life certificate Punjab GovtPunjab Govt has ordered to all districts accounts office for online pensions. Recently thousand persons have changed method of receiving pensions. As you know that National Bank of Pakistan and state bank of Pakistan (both banks) who are distributing pensions in various departments. Pensions are receiving by many departments of Punjab Govt such are education, police, health, wapda etc.

Now keeping in view rush hustle and bustle Punjab Govt has decided to give pension to all pensioners in their related banks. Now pensioners are receiving pensions like as salary through cheques. But pensioners must have to submit life certificate ((affidavit) after each six months to Districts accounts office of Punjab.

This life certificate show to district account office that person who are receiving pension is still alive. This life certificate must submit in September and march each year. Now you will find life certificate for pensioners online. Download life certificate for pensioners Punjab Govt. Punjab Govt districts accounts office life certificate download certificate Punjab

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