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Punjab Govt APCA Notification Up gradation Clerks 2016

Punjab Clerks notification scale 2016Congratulation to all junior clerks, senior clerks, head clerks & superintendence from team to up gradation. Govt of the Punjab finance department has issued notification to up gradation of all clerks BPS 7 to 16. Notification by Govt of the Punjab Finance Department has been issued on 4th January 2016 & its No is FD.PC.39-14/77(pt.IV)(APCA/2008)(Provl.).

According to letter for APCA up gradation by Punjab Govt following posts has been up graded w.e.f 1st of January 2016.

Sr No Name of the Post Existing BS  Up Graded Scale
1 Superintendent 16 17
2 Assistant/ Head Clerk 14 16
3 Senior Clerk 9 14
4 Junior Clerk 7 11

Download Letter Clerks Up Gradation 2016

You can download notification for clerks up gradation issued by Punjab Govt finance department Lahore. To download PDF file of notification regarding to up grade of scales all clerks and superintendence.

Click Below to download notification

APCA Notification scale upgradation 2016