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PTI Unveiling Environmental Policy

 Pakistan Tehreek-Insaf (PTI) on Tuesday became the only party of the country ISLAMABAD, Feb 26: Pakistan Tehreek-Insaf (PTI) on Tuesday became the only party of the country to have unveiled its environmental policy, vowing to shift the country’s primary focus on provision of clean environment and clean drinking water for all and this right to life would be ensured by through the “Green Development Agenda” of the PTI.

“The PTI will include the provision of clean environment mandatory in the Constitution while the PTI would also generate five million green jobs through environmentally friendly economic offensive leading to an alternate and sustainable economy,” said PTI Chairman Imran Khan while addressing the launching ceremony of the PTI environment vision, adding that the country had been suffering from loss of over Rs one billion every year due to the environmental pollution and after coming into power, the PTI will ensure implementation of its green development agenda and public parks would be declared mandatory for all urban areas.

The party’s environmental policy was announced here at local hotel. PTI senior leaders including Shafqat Mahmood, Jahangir Khan Tareen, Naeem-ul-Haq, Malik Amin Aslam, Syed Israr Shah, and Ishaq Khakwani were present on the occasion.

Addressing a large gathering of PTI workers and environmentalists, Chairman Imran Khan said that PTI was the only party which has introduced the environmental policy and the credit for this move also goes to party leadership. He said the nation was not aware that the increase in mortality rate of animals, deforestation, and wasting of other natural resources was similar to suicide for the country.

“Our upcoming generations will have to face the dire consequences, if we got fail to overcome these environmental crisis,” said Imran, adding that the nature has gifted Pakistan with such resources which cannot be find anywhere else in the world.

“But due to the lawlessness and incapability of the rulers, country was under the burden of foreign loans,” regretted Imran. He said that the environmental pollution has spread devastation in the country and according to an international organization more than 0.3 million children were being killed in the country every year.

PTI chief said that the facility of clean drinking water has become a dream in the country whereas the government ignore the environment , education  and health sectors during the announcement of budgets, adding that all the political parties except PTI has also not included these sectors in their party manifestos.

Keeping in view all the issues, Imran said, PTI has not only included the environment sector in its constitution but also make it a part of party’s manifesto. He said that lawlessness has crippled the country whereas the rulers were using government departments for their vested interests. Imran said that the Pakistani people were the bravest nation of the world who have endured the Zardari like president for five years. He said that the country like American would also become defaulter if Zardari gets the charge of President there.

Taking notice of torture against media persons by PTI workers in Gujranwala, Imran ordered the inquiry against responsible at once and also seek report within 24 hours. He said that the formation of Kalabagh dam without consent of Sindhi people was not in interest of the country.

Imran Khan said that the Asghar Khan case has proved that which parties were in need of agencies, adding that PTI neither needs big names nor it need the support from agencies. He said that the parting ways from American war was the only way to bring the country out of crisis.

Earlier Former Minister for Environment Malik Saleem Aslam announced the party’s policy on environment. He said that the rate of environmental pollution in the country was very high and Pakistan was on the top in list of those countries which were affecting from the climate change, adding that due to the same reason country was facing the curse of earthquakes and floods for last several years.

He informed that the country was facing numerous issues due to the air pollution, water pollution and rapid increase in population.    He said that the PTI was a first political party to include “environmental conversation” in its party constitution. He said that PTI would have this focus in its manifesto as well as integrate it in its economic development vision that will thus go to the people owning this problem and suggesting a solutions driven approach to address this challenge, adding that the PTI resolves to include the right to a healthy environment and environmental rights explicitly in the country’s constitution.