Saturday , September 26 2020

Promotion of Senior Clerks Education Department Multan

Many Many congratulations to 14 Senior Clerks of School Education Department Multan who are promoted as Head Clerks or Assistant In Education Department, Multan on 16th January 2020


Upgradation of Senior Clerk

They are happy as their friends will also happy and wishing them for their promotion as Headclerk and Assistants in Multan Education Department. The Departmental Promotion Committee Meeting was held on 14-01-2020 in which 07 senior Clerks were promoted as Head Clerk and as Assistant as well.

This Departmental Promotion committee Meeting was held on 14-01-2020 under the Chairmanship of Chief Executive Officer, District Education Authority Multan. The Promotion Committee has approved the Promotion of 07 Senior Clerks Working in Basic Pay Scale 14 as Head Clerk/Assistant with New Basic Pay Scale of 16.

Now onward they will perform duty against vacant posts in different sub-departments of the District Education Authority Multan.

The Details of Promoted Senior Clerks is as under

Sr No Detail of promoted Senior Clerk with Current Posting New  Place of Duty as Head Clerk/ Assistant in the Office of…
1 Mr. Shoukat Ali, Senior Clerk, QAED (W)

Nawan Shehar, Multan

DEO (EE, W), Multan

(Against Vacant Post)

2 Mr. Iftkhar Ahmad, Senior Clerk,  QAED (W)

Bosan Road, Multan

QAED, Bosan Road Multan.

(Against Vacant Post)

3 Mr. Muhammad Jamil, Senior Clerk

Office of the CEO (DEA), Multan

CEO (DEA), Multan

(Against Vacant Post)

4 Mr. Abdul Wheed Nazar, Senior Clerk

Government Muslim H/S, Multan

Deputy DEO (EE-M) Tehsil Multan Saddar

(Against Vacant Post)

5 Mr. Zafar Iqbal, Senior Clerk,

Office of the DEO (EE-M), Multan

DEO (EE-M), Multan

(Against Vacant Post)

6 Mr. Zaheer Ahmad, Senior Clerk,

Office of the DEO (SE)

Divisional Director (secondary),

Multan Division, Multan

(Against Vacant Post)

7 Syed Farid Ahmad, Senior Clerk,

Divisional Director (SE), Multan

Divisional Director (Secondary),

Multan Division, Multan.

(Against Vacant Post)

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