Who is New President of US Presidential Election 2020 Result

Media Reports Says that Joe Biden Will Win US Election 2020. US New President will be Joe Biden as per prediction about US Presidential Elections 2020. Democratic Candidates Joe Biden is leading over  Republican Candidates Donald Trump. As per Live Updates US Elections 2020, Joe Biden has won 264 Electoral Votes whereas Donald Trump has won only 214 Electoral Votes so far. The United States of America  Presidential Election 2020 are being conducted in 50 States of America.

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Latest Live Updates of US Presidential Elections 2020

There is a tough race in America Election 2020 between 02 Candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Who Will Win The US Election 2020, the Final Announcement will be made in December 2020 however Early Voting and Vote Counting Says that Joe Biden Will Lead Over Donald Trump and Joe Biden Will be New President of America in 2020. People all over the world are eager to know that how many votes obtained by each candidate in Election America 2020 as;

  • Joe Biden Won 264 Seats and 73523773 Votes uptil now
  • Donald Trump won 214 Seats and 69635908 Votes uptil Now
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Donald Trumps blamed rigging in US President Election 2020 and joined Court to Stop Counting of Votes. Donald shocked when Court refused to Stop vote Counting in US Election 2020 by pointing out that this is too late to appeal against rigged elections. Vote Counting is very slow in American Election 2020. Joe Biden is leading from the Following States of America in US Presidential Election 2020 as

  1. Washington (Joe Biden)
  2. Oregon (Joe Biden)
  3. California (Joe Biden)
  4. Nevada (Joe Biden)
  5. Arizona (Joe Biden)
  6. New Mexico (Joe Biden)
  7. Colorado (Joe Biden)
  8. Minnesota (Joe Biden)
  9. Wisconsin (Joe Biden)
  10. Illinois (Joe Biden)
  11. Michigan (Joe Biden)
  12. Virginia (Joe Biden)
  13. Maryland (Joe Biden)
  14. Pennsylvania (Joe Biden)
  15. New Jersey (Joe Biden)
  16. Connecticut (Joe Biden)
  17. Maine (Joe Biden)
  18. New Hampshire (Joe Biden)
  19. Vermont (Joe Biden)
  20. New York (Joe Biden)
  21. Massachusetts (Joe Biden)
  22. Rhode Island (Joe Biden)
  23. Delaware (Joe Biden)
  24. District of Colombia (Joe Biden)
  25. Hawaii (Joe Biden)
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Donald Trumps leads in following US States in America Presidential Election 2020 as

  1. Montana (Donald Trump)
  2. Idaho (Donald Trump)
  3. Wyoming (Donald Trump)
  4. Utah (Donald Trump)
  5. North Dakota (Donald Trump)
  6. South Dakota (Donald Trump)
  7. Nebraska (Donald Trump)
  8. Kansas (Donald Trump)
  9. Oklahoma (Donald Trump)
  10. Texas (Donald Trump)
  11. Iowa (Donald Trump)
  12. Missouri (Donald Trump)
  13. Arkansas (Donald Trump)
  14. Louisiana (Donald Trump)
  15. Mississippi (Donald Trump)
  16. Florida (Donald Trump)
  17. Alabama (Donald Trump)
  18. Tennessee (Donald Trump)
  19. Kentucky (Donald Trump)
  20. Indiana (Donald Trump)
  21. Ohio (Donald Trump)
  22. West Virginia (Donald Trump)
  23. South Carolina (Donald Trump)
  24. Alaska (Donald Trump)
  25. North Carolina (Donald Trump)

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