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PM Mir Hazar Khan Khoso Stimulates His Cabinet Members

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Mir Hazar Khan Khoso has accelerated the consultations method for formation of his cupboard, and for the aim he has set to hunt recommendations of the caretaker chief ministers. Mir Hazar Khan Khoso, 6th caretaker PMHe has convened 1st meeting of the chief ministers as they’ll be his guest at the Prime Minister’s House these days (Friday) on dinner. it’s expected that the primary batch of the federal ministers can take oath of the workplace on Mon next at the Presidency. The prime minister has set to confine the amount of the members of cupboard fewer than twenty. Some former centres of power are attempting to prevail upon for delivery their buddies within the fold of cupboard, however the senior premier is resisting and to not take favourites of any ‘house’ since he intends to follow the policy to be developed by him during a day or 2.

Political sources told The News here Thursday that the PM House has planned to pick technocrats in the federal cabinet, and it is understood that the criteria for selection of the cabinet members would be drawn up in the meeting with the chief ministers slated for today (Friday) evening. The same would also be applicable for the provincial cabinets where the ministers are yet to be inducted. It is almost certain that the people with political background wouldn’t be made part of the cabinet. The meeting would also discuss the issue of conducting elections in a free and fair manner. In this regard law and order situation will get top priority.


The proposal for inclusion of three other contenders for the office of the prime minister, namely, Justice (R) Nasir Aslam Zahid, Dr Ishrat Hussain and Rasool Bux Paleejo would also be considered for offering slots in the federal cabinet. The portfolios of Finance, Interior, Foreign Affairs, Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Provincial Coordination, Defence, Defence Production, Information and Broadcasting, Overseas Pakistanis, Haj and Religious Affairs, National Harmony and Science and Technology are the significant slots where the prime minister is keen on bringing the best people without any further delay. The recommendations of the chief ministers would be sought on urgent basis, and the same would be considered at once on the following day, the sources said.


The Cabinet Division hasn’t been cautioned yet for any oath taking ceremony of the ministers, but the concerned division is fully prepared to hold the ceremony anytime on short notice. The federal capital is housing 55 former officials of the Foreign Office, who were retired from the top grade of the service, and they all had served as ambassadors/high commissioners in various important capitals. Almost each one of the retired ambassador is aspiring for the temporary slot of the foreign minister as some of the aspirants are dropping hint that they have been approached for the purpose. But they haven’t been able to point out that who approached them for the purpose.


The bureaucracy and government officials have taken sigh of relief without a cabinet in the federal capital after five long years of political administration. They are praying and wishing that the statuesque should continue for further maximum period of time. The sources revealed an interesting aspect of the engagements of the caretaker prime minister, who is for the practical purpose running the whole government. He has asked his staff not to tie up several meetings in the day. He prefers that the number of such meetings shouldn’t surpass three on daily basis. Brigadier Tahir Ali Malik, who is Military Secretary to the third prime minister in a row, has enforced strict discipline in the house and doesn’t allow the hectic engagement of the prime minister so that he shouldn’t taxed with burden and get extra tired. Prime Minister Khoso 87 is very fond of playing with his grand and great-grand children. They have started to pouring in the federal capital and joining their grandpa and great grandpa in the PM House, the sources said.


Mir Hazar Khan Khoso is lover of literature and Blochi literature is his hot favourite. He enjoys the music and reads book in his free times. He seldom watches TV. He feels that once the cabinet is formed, the burden on his shoulders would be lessened. The prime minister will be visiting Karachi in next week, followed by his trip to home province’s capital Quetta. His first engagement outside the federal capital would be visit to the tomb of the Father of the Nation Quid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Karachi, the sources added.

Courtesy: (thenews)