Tuesday , December 10 2019

Pir Pagaro PML-F Historical Jalsa in Hyderabad

Hyderabad Sindh (Friday, December 14, 2012) – In Hyderabad Pir Sahib Pagaro addressed a huge public meeting near the famous Mayani War Field in the city of Hyderabad , Sindh’s second largest city.

People belonging to all over sindh participated.Pakistan Muslim League Functional Rally in Hyderabad

PML-F Secretary General
PML-F General Secretary Imtiaz Shaikh said: “This is just the inaugural activity to save Sindh and Pakistan. We are initiating a Jihad to see united Sindh and united Pakistan. We believe that Pir Sahib Pagaro is the symbol of unity at this difficult moment in Sindh.”

Addressing Jalsa Pir Pagaro (Sibgatullah Shah Rashdi) opposed the Sindh People’s Local Government Government Ordinance (SPLGO)