Wednesday , November 20 2019

Pictures with Indian Model Leena Kapoor are Real: Asad Rauf

Pakistani Umpire Asad Rauf say's the pictures are real with Indian Model Leena KapoorICC elite panel umpire Asad Rauf, who was once a small time first class cricketer hit the headlines today for all the wrong reason. Decent Asad Rauf is accused by a small time Mumbai based model sexually exploiting her on promise of marriage.

Leena Kapoor has lodged a police complaint against the star umpire. Couple of pictures were doing rounds on internet in which Asad Rauf and Leena Kapoor are photographed in objectionable manner. Asad Rauf has denied any extra marital relationship with the model. He further admitted that pictures are real and were taken with an Indian Fan (How close fans get to Asad Rauf).

He said that Leena Kapoor wanted to use his Bollywood contacts to enter into “Big Boss 4”. In fact he talked to his contacts for the girl (Leena Kapoor) but could not get her a place so he denied further contactswith her.

Asad Rauf gave contradictory statements

Asad Rauf made the whole case suspicious by giving contradictory statements. He said that he did not remember where he met this girl. Vow, So close pictures with his authenticity stamp could not remind him of the place where they met (How Funny).

Why he was trying to get her (Leena Kapoor) a place in Big Boss 4 as he does not recognise her properly. (Daal main Kuch Kala ha sir)

An attempt to defame Pakistan

Asad Rauf went on to say that Leena Kapoor is flinging allegations to gain “cheap popularity” and her intentions are to defame Pakistan that is why she has chosen Pakistan’s Independence Day to create this drama.

ICC has nothing to do

Regarding ICC code of conduct he said that it was his private matter and ICC has nothing to do with it. He revealed that he will be in India to officiate India-England series next January.

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