Friday , November 15 2019

Pakistani Nation to Celebrate 47th Pakistan Defence Day Today

Nation to Celebrate 47th Pakistan Defence Day TodayDefence Day is celebrated in Pakistan as a national day every year on 6th Sep in memory of those who martyred in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 and the successful defense of Lahore, Sialkot and other significant areas of the country.

The main reason to celebrate this day is to tell others of Pakistani citizens how brave Pakistani soldiers were. This day is celebrated with full of sorrow for all of these people and the soldiers who martyred in the war while defending Pakistan.

Let us pay honor to our brave soldiers who martyred for their country and give a lesson to the enemy that they will never ever forget. Today we need that eagerness, the unity of faith and restraint in our country, to get it back on track. I hope that this day be a candle of hope for our coming generations…….

Summary of messages of the President, Prime Minister, Federal Minister for Defence and Chiefs services will be aired.

Official history of 1965 war
Thirty-six years ago on September 6, the Indian Army crossed the Wagah border at 4 a.m. and moved towards Lahore. This attack touched off the second Indo-Pakistan war. The Times of India has acquired a copy of the official history of the 1965 war, finalised by the defence ministry in 1992 after years of research, but suppressed ever since. Contemporary accounts, generated by a jingoistic press, saw the war as a spectacular victory on almost every front. But the truth — which cannot be hidden despite the best efforts of the official historians — is that the war was, in the words of one its most distinguished commanders, Lt. Gen. Harbakhsh Singh, “a catalogue of lost victories”