Sunday , December 8 2019

Pakistani Famous Actress Reema Khan Is Pregnant

Faamous and Former Pakistani actress Reema Khan is pregnant with her first baby.Lollywood Actress Reema Khan Is Pregnant.

The actress hid her pregnancy for a very long time to avoid the media, and was afraid of losing acting and hosting contracts with a number of major Pakistani companies. Reema has recently extended her stay in the United States because of the pregnancy.

but now she has confirmed that she is excited to give a birth to baby reema papa said that he want a baby boy and then babay girl reema was marrried to Mr tarriq Shahab and her wedding veremoney was held on nov 2011at america his husband is heart surgeon and she is nowliving in america reema received bmw car and houise with worth of 200 million rupees from her mother in law reema walima reception in pakistan was held at Pc and she go back to usa on 31 Dec.