Sunday , February 23 2020

Pakistani Actress Veena malik Astagfar show Online Issued to Pemra

Hot Veena malik Astagfar show Online Issued to PemraIslamabad: As the news spread like a wildfire on social media about the Veena Malik’s program Astaghfaar, an online petition created to be submitted to Pemra for stopping the controversial actress hosting the religious show.

The petition said that “Veena Malik is a notorious porn star known for her semi nude pictures in magazines and Indian movies. Ramadhan is a serious religious matter. It is extremely pathetic that an FHM controversial model will preach religion in the holy month of Ramadhan on a Pakistani channel.

It will hurt the feelings of Muslims all over Pakistan and abroad, it said. Pemra must immediately stop Hero TV from airing such stuff in the holy month of Ramadhan.

So far merely more than 74,000 subscribers of the Facebook like this petition.