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Pakistani 16-year-old boy became rich person in US video game championship

Pakistani child win US video game tournamentSeattle: The United States’ duta II ” The international gaming tournament 16-year-old from Karachi Shamail Hassan showed extraordinary performance won millions of dollars in .international competition

The United States last week to join the team in the competition named Euil jynyys. which had included the four gamers and it lasted G days than the role of the dwarues from a call other noisy shouting, balls of fire and bills to look down, look at the competition, there were 17 thousand people, and .the winners receiued a huge amount of million is 80 million

Seattle nerve-wracking than the floor of the fans become their favorite game characters darkr Shamail encouraged the team and finally as his team was champion and he beat his enemy, which in this online game They were entitled to the .millions of dollars which is more than Rs 10 crore in the price

In many ways the story of Hassan dutatu Shamail is surprising because they can win games on electronic cards (in dollars) have become the youngest gamer. Hassan said after the victory Shamail had everything to win the game for them .because they had sold to his bicycle

Duta II defense of the Ancients is an acronym which is a famous online game many people can play at a time, every month, millions of people take part in this game, in which 2 teams together in the centers ruins. This time, the United States, China, Korea, Russia and other countries had teams that were part of the victorious US team after Shamail 6G million dollar first prize

The last 5 years than in the United States are being held and the total amount of one million dollars the year before was laid.