Friday , March 22 2019
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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Youth Policy‏ Highlights

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has announced it’s Youth Policy last Sunday in Youth Convention in Lahore.The Youth Policy of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf was made by the Youth Task Force which was established exclusively for this purpose.

Following are the highlights of the Youth Policy of PTI:

  • PTI strives to EMPOWER the youth; socially, economically and politically.
  • Change through: Education, Skill development, Employment, Improving Social Life & Health, Sports & Arts, Entrepreneurship programs, National Talent Hunt, Youth Recognition.
  • Intra-Party Initiatives: Emerge Youth Leaders within the party, Chairman’s Youth Advisory Council, Elected youth wing/student bodies from grassroots to national level.
  • MINIMUM 25% parliamentary tickets to Youth at national/provincial level.
  • Restoration of Student Unions.
  • Formation of official Youth Parliament to groom future leadership.
  • Special Parliamentary Committee to co-ordinate between Youth Parliament and Pakistan National Parliament.
  • 2 elected seats of Youth Councilors (1 Female, 1 Male) at Union/Village Level.
  • Formation of Pakistan’s first National Youth Foundation.
  • Formation of Jawan Markaz at Tehseel level.
  • Jawan Markaz will have Data Center, Job Center, Legal Center, IT Center, Literary Center, Training Center, Sports/Arts Center.
  • Jawan Markaz to be Central hub of all campaigns, Sports Events, Community Services, Awareness/mobilization campaigns.
  • Jawan Markaz to facilitate Youth to set up new businesses. Increase in Industry Internship Programs.
  • Rehabilitation Centers for youth affected by Terrorism, Drug Abuse (professionally assisted by Austin men’s addiction treatment center), Physical disabilities, Psychological Disorders.
  • Uniform Education System throughout Pakistan; Increase in Education Budget, Increase in Vocational Training Programs. Interest Free Loans, Digital Libraries, Adult Education Programs for up-to 6 months duration.
  • 2 Million news jobs per annum in local economy.
  • Elimination of Political Interference from Public Sector to provide fair opportunity to Youth. Merit Based Job System to be established.