Wednesday , January 29 2020

Notification of Lifting Ban Transfers and Posting Punjab Government

Government of Punjab, Office of the Chief Minister Punjab issued Notification vide letter No.PS/PSCM/CMO(D)/19/OT-4/25581 of Lifting Ban Transfers Posting of officers/officials working in the Punjab Government’s Department as per rules on dated 07 December, 2019.

Lifting of Transfer Posting

Before this, on dated 25 August, 2019 Chief Minister of Punjab Sardar Usman Bazdar has been pleased to Ban on all kind of transfer posting of officers of Punjab Government. By issuing of this notification, Government employees of Punjab were not allowed to transfer themselves in any department or in their concerned cities. They were waiting intensely for lifting of Ban Transfer so that, they can put their applications to their concerned authorities for transfer or posting on new post.

Now, good news for all government employees that CM Punjab Sardar Usman Bazdar has been pleased to approve that authorized officers to carry on making transfer / posting as per Punjab government rules of business 2011. Ban on transfer posting has been lifted for all the departments in Punjab. Authorized officers shall exercise their powers on the following basis

  • Administrative Grounds
  • Against Vacant Posts
  • Operational Necessity

Furthermore, Chief Minister Punjab has desired that suitable and qualified officers/officials may be transferred on needy places for the smooth functioning of the Punjab government performance.

Download Lifting Notification of Transfers Posting

Download Ban Notification of Transfers Posting