New Year 2024 Wishing SMS | Happy New Year 2024 SMS Urdu

Valentine day wishing SMS 2020

First of all i would like to wish all of you a very very happy new year in advance.!!!! As you all know about the new year. Its the starting of new year. new year starts with the 1st January. According to Gregorian calendar new year is celebrated on 1st January. 

But if we talk about many other regional calendar the new year falls differently. According to roman calendar, the months’s sequence of a starts from January to December. On this auspicious occasion of new year its a national holiday in many countries. People celebrates new year with very early planned ways.

2024 Wishing Urdu SMS

 Peoples wears new cloths on this day and they go for a picnic. Some peoples celebrate the new year by organizing picnic and they invites their close one. some peoples celebrates picnic with whole family and they also include some other close family relation like friend’s family, relatives family etc. Celebrates this new year 2024 with joy and excitement. Once again Wish You All Happy New Year 2024 .

Happy New Year 2024 Urdu SMS

Dinn Beeta Andhera Huaa,

Ghadi Ki Suiyaa Sarkane Lagi,

Naya Saal Aatee Hi,

Aapke Ghar Khusiyaa Barsane Lagi,

Naye Varssh Ke Subh Avasar Par,

Dil Se Duaa Hajaar Mile,

Tum Mujhe Miloo Miliniyam,

Mujhko Tumharaa Pyar Mile…

Wishing Happy New Year 2024 Urdu SMS

apke life meinn mithaas ho

“Cadbury” jaisee

Rounakk ho “Asian Paints”jaisse

Mehakk ho “Axe” jaisee

Tazagi ho “Colgate” jaisee

or tension-free raahe “Huggies” jaisse!

Happy New Year 2024

Wishing New Year 2024 Urdu SMS

Khuda keree ke naya saaal apko raass aa jaye,

Jise aap chahte hoo wo apke paass aa jaye

Aap saraa saal kanwaree na raheinn,

Apka rishtaa le ker aapki saas aa jaye ….

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