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New Hajj Policy 2013 Application & Schedule In Pakistan

The government of Pakistan people party has announced the New hajj Policy for the year 2013 during this policy hajj Expense has extended to extend 63000 Rupees. Hajj expenses below the new policy this year
once a rise of Rs 63.000 Rupees.

Ministry of religious affairs Pakistan announced Hajj 2013 application submission schedule


Spiritual Affairs Khurshid Shah, Minister for info and Broadcasting Qamar rain tree Kaira, who was attended, initial|the primary} hajj applications by March first return first served are going to be accepted before a group discussion the Minister declared the main points of the new policy pilgrimage. The hajj procedure would begin in Sept, he added.

According ot  new Hajj Policy Hajj expense this year has increased to Rs 421,000 after Rs 63,000 increase.

Announcing the details of the new Hajj policy at a news conference federal Minister for Religious Affairs Khurshid Shah, who was accompanied by Information and Broadcast Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira, that Hajj applications would be accepted before the 1st of March on first come first serve basis.

The Hajj operation would start in September, he added.

This year 189,210 Pakistanis would perform Hajj. Fifty per cent quota would be under the government scheme while the remaining 50 per cent quota is allocated to the private tour operators.

Under the government scheme 89,605 would perform and an exact same number of people would be sent through the private tour operators.

Khurshid Shah said that the pilgrims are divided into white, Green and blue categories.

Hajj fare from Karachi , Sukkur and Quetta would be Rs 87,500 while it would be Rs 97,500 from Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar.

In additional to the national flag carrier PIA and Saudi Airlines, the pilgrims would also be flown to the sacred land by Air Blue and Shaheen airlines.

Main Features For the Hajj in the Policy 2013 Pakistan are:-

  1. The Hajj quota for 2012 will remain 179,210.
  2. Hajj scheme-2012 shall be implemented through Government Scheme and Private Hajj Group Organizers (HG0s) in the ratio of 50:50.
  3. Applications for Hajj-2013 under Government Hajj Scheme shall be received on the principle of “First come, First serve”.
  4. The applications under Government scheme will be invited through designated banks.
  5. Intending pilgrims may apply in the group of 10-25 through a group leader.
  6. Any person who has performed Hajj during the last five years will not be eligible to perform Hajj in 2013 except Mehram, Group Leader or the one undertaking Hajj-e-badal.
  7. Under the Government Hajj Scheme, three categories of accommodation i.e. Blue Category within 900 meters without transport with a rental ceiling of Saudi Riyals(SR). 7500 per pilgrim, Green Category within 2000 meters with transport with a rental ceiling of SR. 5000 per pilgrim and White Category beyond 2000 meters with transport with a rental ceiling of SR.3600 per pilgrim will be arranged by Pakistan Hajj Mission, Jeddah.
  8. The rent in Makkah Mukarramah will be charged on actual basis while in case of Madinah Munawwarah, it will be charged at a flat rate of SR. 500 per pilgrim with the variation of 10%, if so required.
  9. 05% of the total seats under Government scheme will be reserved for hardship cases as defined by the Ministry, applicants belonging to far­flung/rural areas of Gilgit Baltistan, Balochistan and remote/rural areas of Sindh and Punjab and pilgrims recommended and funded by charitable institutions, Labour/low paid Employees of different public sector organizations/ corporate entities under the concept of corporate social responsibility, etc.
  10. Hujjaj under Government scheme will not be required to pay any amount on account of Personal Exchange Quota (PEQ) and same will be arranged by them from open market through banks or foreign exchange companies.
  11. Hujjaj will be airlifted by four air carriers i.e. PIA, Shaheen Air International, Saudi Airline and NAS’air.
  12. Airfare for Hajj-2012 as finalized with PIA will be Rs. 730001  for South region and Rs.850001- for north region.
    1. For the welfare services during Hajj 2013, Hajj Medical Mission comprising 540 personnel, 230 Khuddam-ul-Hujjaj and 900 Local Khuddam-ul-Hujjaj in KSA, with variation of 10%, will be deputed subject to availability of resources and in case of shortage, it would be met through Volunteers Khuddam-ul-Hujjaj Scheme.
    2. A comprehensive awareness campaign for education and training of the intending pilgrims will be launched.
    3. Hujjaj Mohafiz Scheme based on the concept of “Takaful” will be continued in Hajj Policy 2013.
    4. Monitoring and supervision mechanism for Hajj operation in Pakistan and KSA shall be strengthened.
    5. Hajj Policy-2013 shall be valid for three years subject to adjustment to be made by Ministry of Religious Affairs. The policy will be implemented in accordance with the Work Plan and Saudi Taleemat.