Saturday , April 10 2021

New Education Promotion Policy All Boards Punjab

The government of Pakistan has decided to promote Students of 9th Class and 11th Class in the next classes. Federal Minister of Education, Mr. Shafqat Mehmood briefed the Media on New Education Promotion Policy All Boards in Pakistan. As the Corona Virus Cases are increasing in Pakistan so the government has decided to promote the students of 9th class in 10th Class and 11th Class students in 12th Class. Congratulation to all students of Matric and Intermediate Students.

promotion policy for matric and intermediate classes

Inter and Matric Students Promotion Policy has been announced. Matric & Intermediate Promotion Policy 2020 has been issued. Students who have given 9th Class Examination have been passed and promoted to next class. Students of 11th Class have been passed without examination and promoted to next classes. This Notification of New Education Promotion Policy will be applied to All boards in Pakistan. There will be No Matric and Inter Exams across the Country.

new promotion policy punjab boards

new promotion policy punjab boards

new promotion policy punjab boards

new education promotion policy pujab


Promotion of 9 and 11 class Students in the next classes

Information regarding the Promotion of Private Students in Next classes are as follows

Category 1

All the Regular and Private Students of 9th Class and 11th Class have been promoted in the next classes. There will be no composite exam next year. Students will be given equal Marks for 9 Class and 11 Class after passing the 9th and 11th Class Examination.

Category 2

Promotion of Matric Students in next classes

10th Class Students will be given 3% extra of their 9th Class Marks and Board will write on Matric result Certificate that you are promoted due to your 9th Class examination.

Promotion of Intermediate Students in next classes

Category 3

All the Students of Intermediate Classes are passed and they will be awarded 3% extra numbers subject to their Previous 11th Class Marks

Promotion of Fail and Private Students in next classes

Category 4

All the students whom 9th and 11th class subject are not passed they will be divided in two groups

Students who have passed in 40% subject they will be given passing marks for fail Subjects.

Those Students who have not passed 40% subject, they will not be promoted and they will participate in Special Exam which will be held in September or November 2020.

Promotion of 10th and 12th Class Students

Category 5

10th Class and 12th Class Students who have to give Composite Examination or Marks Improve Students will also give the Special Composite Examination 2020 for fail or marks improve students.