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Give your donation on which is the official website launched by the PTI for Overseas Pakistanis. The Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf has requested Fund Raising from the Overseas Pakistanis. Since the Imran Khan has been removed from the Charge of Prime Minister of Pakistan, the PTI Chairman started a campaign against the Government with the portfolio of Imported Government Namanzoor.

imran khan donation namanzoor website

Imran Khan Fund Raising Website

Imran Khan appeals to the Overseas Pakistanis to give donations to PTI so that an effective campaign can be launched against the Imported Government. PTI Chairman decided to go among the nation and said that the nation is the only power that can decide who rules in Pakistan neither any outer power.

How to Give Donation website of PTI

Visit the PTI Website and follow the instructions step by step. It is informed that you can only Donate PTI Website in pounds £ only

See the Button “Click here to donate”

Fill out the requisite information properly

Select your country

Select your current city

Choose the payment method

imran khan website

Due to the heavy load on the Namanzoor website, the Website is not opening in Pakistan. However, the Imran Khan Website is functional in foreign countries.




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