Sunday , August 18 2019

Musharraf Non Bailable Arrest Warrant Issued by Special Court

Musharraf non bailable arrest warrantThe special court has coherent for Musharraf (the former president of Pakistan) warrant to be enforced on 31st March 2014. Allotting to the edict if Pervaiz Musharraf fails to appear ahead the special court by 31st March he should be caught and faced. Musharraf failed to come out before the 3 member bench of the special court on Friday with his counsel arguing that the risk of his client’s appearing could not be accepted.

At the start of legal proceeding, Musharraf counsel answer Mansoor deferred an orison seeking his clients immunity from today’s finding out. Mansoor argued that the plan to attack Musharraf needed to be inquired and it would take 6-8 weeks to screen personnel deployed for the former president security. Mansoor said his client would be appearing before the court after the masking report was presented.