Monday , June 25 2018
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Mobilink Jazz 24 Ghanta Call Rates

Mobilink 24 Ghanta call offerMobilink is one of the biggest cellular company of Pakistan which has millions of customers. Mobilink Jazz is now introducing 24 Ghanta Jazz call package. Mobilink Jazz 24 Ghanta Jazz Call Packages. Are you on the go 24 hour/week? Do you constantly feel the need to stay connected? If yes, then Mobilink Jazz 24 Ghanta is the package for you. Filled with multiple exciting offers, it empowers you to connect to your friends, family and co workers without slowing down your pace. And its also easy on the pocket! So check it out to find the offer that suits your needs the best. Now feel free with mobilink Jazz 24 Ghanta Call package.

Price Plan of 24 Ghanta Call Jazz

2.2 per min onnet
2.2 per min offnet

1.7 per min local sms

N/A FNF Number

N/A call rates to FNF

N/A Daily Fee