Wednesday , November 13 2019

Malik Noureed Awan today To Arrest Singer Annie Khalid’s husband

Annie Khalid‘s hubby, Noureed Malik has been arrested in Lahore today for disobeying the rules of the district government. Government officials of Lahore district, being aware of the illness of singer Annie and her celebrity status, today stormed the wedding ceremony and had arrested Dulha Noureed Malik Awan for not obeying the rules. No marriage ceremony is needed to get involved before 10pm.

As the bride Annie sick at the last minute and later returned to their wedding ceremony a little late. The officials took matters into their hands and forcefully tried to close the ceremony event. It’s all over, also stopped the millionaire man, Noureed Malik. According to Geo News, There was also a fight among relatives of Malik Noureed and district government officials.