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Friendship Sms – Find the largest collection of Friendship Sms in Urdu and English at submitted by users.

Friendship is a special bond that brings two people closer and strengthens their relationship. When it comes to expressing or explaining the emotions of our beloved friendship, nothing beats the power of words. The latest friendship SMS in Urdu, greetings, and quotes provide a great platform for people to convey their feelings towards their friends. These SMS are designed to touch the heart and soul of the recipient, leaving a lasting impact.

For those looking for emotional friendship SMS in Urdu, there are many options available.  Additionally, friendship SMS in Urdu 2 lines are perfect for those who want to express their feelings in a concise and impactful manner.

Similarly, friendship quotes in Urdu SMS provide an excellent way to convey your emotions in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Whether you are looking for friendship quotes text or short and sweet messages, there is a wide range of options available to suit your needs in this Best Friendship SMS in Urdu greetings quotes 202  by Pakword.

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These SMS are not only perfect for conveying your feelings towards your male friends but also ideal for sending a friendship SMS for girl, strengthening the bond between you and your female friends.

Latest Friendship SMS in Egnlish & Hindi Urdu

Get all the fresh Friendship Sms text messages, Quotes, Wishes, and Greetings in Urdu, English & Roman Urdu to send mobile sms your friend & family members in Pakistan and other countries now.

Heart beats r countless

Spirits r ageless
Dreams r endless
Memories r timeless
A friend like u is useless






Friendship sms in Punjabi

Loki pochde “yaar” nal pyar kiven pai da,
“Dil” hath te rakh k naal lag jai da,
“zakhma’n” nu chupa k “yaar” nu hasai da,
“Galt” hove “yaar” te pyar naal samjhai da,
“Rus” jave “yaar” te “jind jaan” naal manai da,
Inna pyar “yaar” naal pai da,
“RUB” bulave “yaar” nu te “Ap” tur jai da

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Friendship sms in English

Friendship is like a book it take years to write but it may take few seconds to burn.

Friendship sms in Urdu

Mat karo kisi se pyar hamesha dard poa ge
Tanhai k ansoun main bheeg jao ge

karni hai tu gehri kro DOSTI
Hamesha umeed se zada pyar pao ge

Friendship sms in Urdu

“”””””Teri Talaash Me,,,,,,,,

“””” Mera Wajood””””

“” Hi Na Raha,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

( * Dost * )

“”Fana Kar Gayjki Meri Hasti Ko

Arzoooo Teri………………..!!!

Friendship sms in Urdu

Sapne Hamare kuch aise ho,,,

Khwab Hamare kuch aise ho,,,,

Zindagi me pyar mile na mile,,,,,

Dost mile to sirf apke jaise ho………..4uuuu

Friendship sms in English

friendship day sms for sisters

Who Am I?
A Step When You Stop
A Touch When You Are Lost
A Word When You Are Quiet
A Smile When You Are Sad
A Friend Who Would Be There For U Forever (:

(friendship day sms for sisters)

Friendship sms in Urdu

quote on friendship in hindi

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Pyaar To Ek Jhoka Hai Hawa Ka
Dost To Ek Naam Hai Wafa Ka
Auron Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Ho
Humare Liye To Dost Ek Haseen Tohfa Hai Khuda Ka…

(quote on friendship in hindi)

Friendship sms in Urdu

Dekh k dunya ko hum bhi badlain gey ab apna mizaj-e-dosti,

Rabta sub se ho ga lekin wasta kisi se nahi..!

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