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Islamic Shia Scholar Allama Talib Johri Passed Away on 22 June 2020

The renowned Religious Scholar Talib Johri Passed Away on 22 June 2020. He was admitted in Private Hospital in Karachi. Allama Talib Jafri Passed Away early in the morning of Monday 22-06-2020. He was suffering with disease of Heart and was undergoing treatment in ICU Ward of a Karachi Hospital Since Last few Weeks. Since the Allama Talib Jaurhi Heart Attack, he was admitted in the Private Hospital of a Karachi.

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Religious Scholar Talib Jauhri died on Monday

As the Allam Talib johri was admitted due to Heart Attack in a Private Hospital since Last few day, yesterday night Allama Talib Johri Family told that Allam Taalib Jauhri died on Sunday Night 22-06-2020. Allama Talib Son Riaz Johri told that Allama Talib Johri Dead Body has been shifted to Ancholi Imam Bargah. Tallama Talib Johri Namaze Janazah will be offered in Ancholi Imram Bargah, Karachi.

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Who is Allama Talib Johri Family Detail and Biography

Allama Talib Johri was born on 27 August 1939 at Bihar in India and Allama Talib Johri died on 22 June, 2020 in Karachi. Allama Talib Johry Father was also an Aalam. Allama Talib Johri Father Name was Maulana Mustafa Johari. Allama Talib Jauhri was a famous Pakistani Shia Scholar, religious Leader and Public Speaker as well as Poet. Shia Community Pay Rich Tribute to Allama Talib Johri due to his work. Sunni Community also admires Allama Talib Johri Religious Speeches because Allama Talib Johri has a very good knowledge of Tafseer QURAN.

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Allama Talib Johri Real Name was Abu Talib but he was Famous as Tallama Talib Jaurri. Prime Minister Imran Khan, COAS, President and Other Political Leaders expressed their grievance due to Allama Talib Johri Death. They shared Sorrows with Allama Talib Johri Family and Prayed that may his soul rest in peace.

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