Saturday , May 26 2018
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Humaira Arshad Singer Press Conference Video Leaked

press conference humera arshad singerHumaira Arshad is a famous Pakistan singer. She is in trouble now these days. She started her career as a folk, pop culture and ghazals singer. She is a professionally trained singer. She was born in Lahore. Today she made a conference against her husband.

She married with Ahmed Butt in 2004. Now she decided to separate with Ahmed Butt. Some problems has been created by Ahmed Butt says Humaira Arshad. Here you can watch Humaira Arshad video press conference. In her press conference she made elegance to Ahmed Butt.

She also says that Ahmed Butt beat her very roughly. She also stated that Ahmed Butt harassed me and decided to murder. Here you will find Press conference live Humaira Arshad singer 5 May 2015.

She also demanded fool proof security from Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif CM Punjab. While her press conference she wept loudly in front of media.