High salt intake May Initiate Autoimmune Diseases

WASHINGTON, MAR 7: High salt intake might not solely increase the chance of cardiopathy, however additionally cause respiratory disorder, skin disorder and MS|sclerosis|induration|degenerative disorder}, a replacement study has found.  High salt intake may not only increase the risk of heart disease,

A team of scientists from YaleUniversity within the US and therefore the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Deutschland, say salty diets might be partially accountable for reaction diseases, during which the system attacks healthy tissue rather than fighting pathogens. This study is that the initial to point that excess salt intake could also be one among the environmental factors driving the hyperbolic incidence of reaction diseases.

Markus Kleinewietfeld and David Hafler from Yale UniversityUS determined changes in CD4 positive T helper cells (Th) in humans, immune cells that were related to specific dietary habits.

Helper T cells square measure alerted of close danger by the cytokines of different cells of the system. They activate and “help” different effector cells to fight dangerous pathogens and to clear infections. a selected set of T helper cells produces the protein lymphokine seventeen and is thus referred to as Th17 for brief. Evidence is mounting that Th17 cells, with the exception of fighting infections, play a polar role within the pathological process of reaction diseases. Salt dramatically boosts the induction of aggressive Th17 immune cells.

In cell culture experiments, the researchers showed that hyperbolic binary compound will result in a dramatic induction of Th17 cells in an exceedingly specific protein environment. “In the presence of elevated salt concentrations, this increase are often 10 times above underneath usual conditions,” Kleinewietfeld and academician Dominik N Muller aforementioned in an exceedingly statement.

Under the new high salt conditions, the cells endure more changes in their protein profile, leading to notably aggressive Th17 cells. In mice, hyperbolic dietary salt intake resulted in an exceedingly additional severe kind of experimental reaction rubor, a model for induration. Keywords: High salt intake, risk increase, cardiopathy, asthma, eczema, multiple sclerosis, reaction diseases

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