Thursday , October 17 2019

HEC allocates over Rs 2 billion to Universities for research

Higher Education Commission Allocate Funds Rs 2 Billion to UniversitiesThe Higher Education Commission has allocated funds amounting to 2.615 billion rupees to the Public Sector Universities for research purposes during the last five years. To ensure proper utilization of these funds for research purposes‚ annual report of each case undergoes a process of rigorous peer review. According to media reports the impact of research funding is visible from the unprecedented rise in internationally indexed research publications emanating from Higher Education Institutes in the country.

SCIMAGO‚ an independent research organization and an international evaluation and ranking platform which analyses scientific outputs of institutions and countries and monitors over thirty thousand journals‚ is considered to be one of the most credible databases in the world of research has ranked Pakistan from forty-three to twenty-seven based on their past performance. The expected output of research in Pakistan moving up sixteen notches‚ which is the second highest increase worldwide‚ is primarily due to the innovative higher education policies and reforms undertaken by the Government through Higher Education Commission.