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Govt College University Faisalabad Date Sheet M.Ed B.Ed Annual Exam 2013

Govt College University Faisalabad Date Sheet M.Ed B.Ed Annual Exam 2013

GCUF Date Sheet M.Ed B.Ed Annual Exam 2013 Faisalabad:7th November:GC University Faisalabad has announced Date Sheet For M.Ed B.Ed Annual Exams 2013 .you can get and see your Date Sheet at this link. For more information visit

DATSHEEOB.Ed/M.EANNUAEXAMINATIO– 2013(HeliNovember/December)

Starting Time: 1:30 pm On Friday: 2:00pm
Date Day Degree Group Course Code Course Title
11‐Nov‐2013 MON B.Ed II BED‐A11 Introduction to Education
12‐Nov‐2013 TUE M.Ed II MED‐C11 Philosophy of Education
13‐Nov‐2013 WED B.Ed II BED‐A12 English Language Communications Skills
Ashura Hoilday (14,15 Novemeber,2013)
16‐Nov‐2013 SAT B.Ed II BED‐A13 Methods of Teaching
18‐Nov‐2013 MON M.Ed II MED‐C13 History of Education
19‐Nov‐2013 TUE B.Ed II BED‐A14 Introduction of Computer in Education
20‐Nov‐2013 WED M.Ed II MED‐C14 Educational Testing,Measurement and Assessment
21‐Nov‐2013 THU B.Ed II BED‐A15 Teaching Profession and Educational Law
22‐Nov‐2013 FRI M.Ed II MED‐C15 Research Methods in Education
25‐Nov‐2013 MON B.Ed II BED‐A16 Human Development and Learning
26‐Nov‐2013 TUE M.Ed II MED‐C16 Educational Administration
27‐Nov‐2013 WED B.Ed II BED‐A17 Assessment in Education
28‐Nov‐2013 THU M.Ed II MED‐C17 Curriculum Development
29‐Nov‐2013 FRI B.Ed II BED‐A18 Classroom Management
2‐Dec‐2013 MON M.Ed II MED‐C18 Instrucational Technology
3‐Dec‐2013 TUE B.Ed II BED‐A19 Curriculum Development
4‐Dec‐2013 WED B.Ed II BED‐A52 Teaching of Physics
B.Ed II BED‐A56 Teaching of Pakistan Studies
5‐Dec‐2013 THU M.Ed II MED‐C53 Human Resourse Management
M.Ed II MED‐C56 Assessment and Evaluation in Guidance
6‐Dec‐2013 FRI B.Ed II BED‐A53 Teaching of Chemistry
II BED‐A57 Methods of Teaching Urdu
M.Ed II MED‐C54 Counselling Techniques
9‐Dec‐2013 MON B.Ed II BED‐A54 Teaching of Biology
B.ED II BED‐A58 Teaching of General Science
10‐Dec‐2013 TUE M.Ed II MED‐C12 Education Psychology and Guidance
11‐Dec‐2013 WED M.Ed II MED‐C51 Educational Law
12‐Dec‐2013 THU B.Ed II BED‐A55 Teaching of English
B.Ed II BED‐A51 Teaching of Mathematics
13‐Dec‐2013 FRI M.Ed II MED‐C52 Eduacational Planning and Financing
M.Ed II MED‐C55 Educational and Vocational Guidance
16‐Dec‐2013 MON M.Ed II MED‐C99 Organizational Behaviour (in lieu of thesis)


17‐Dec‐2012 TUE B.Ed I BED‐A71 Practice Teaching
18‐Dec‐2012 WED B.Ed I BED‐A71
19‐Dec‐2012 THU B.Ed I BED‐A71
20‐Dec‐2012 FRI B.Ed I BED‐A71
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