Sunday, December 4 2022

Girl Proposed To Fawad For 2nd Wedding

Fawad Alam girl proposed

In a TV lead a missy utter proposed Fawad Alam Cricketer for 2nd marriage and also demanded or his individual cell ascertain. The girl telephoner said that if cricketer Fawad Alam will not conjoin her she present charge killer. She also hit said that she loves Fawad Alam too more and wants to tie him and do not have any problem with his 1st wife.

Cricketer was allocate in a video evince that was hosted by one of the most famous drama thespian of Pakistan King Qureshi. In the softwar a miss cop proposed Fawad Alam for 2nd rite and said that if Fawad rejected it she will charge slayer. Fawad Alam Faisal Qureshi making fun of the female said her that she wants Fawad to quantity a wife-wife gamey not cricket.

And also commented by making fun that she is in consider of Bharat, State and England as she wants Fawad not to witticism cricket adnd instead sustenance himself fancy in wives, on which the clapped and laughed.

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