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Faisalabad GC University Merit Lists 2020 Master Degree

GC University Faisalabad Merit Lists 2013 for Master Degree 1st, 2nd, 3rdFaisalabad GC University Merit Lists 2020 for Master Degree. Do you want to find GCU GC University Faisalabad Merit Lists 2020 for Master Degree 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Classes for master degree are started from October 2020 so before that day official must announce these first, second and third merit lists.

Because the students that lies in these merit lists are able to attend the classes. This year a huge competition arises because a number of applying candidates is too much greater than in previous years.

This increasing number of candidates also provides difficulty for administration because among these huge numbers it’s not easy to select the right candidates. On the other side this thing also shows that now a lot of awareness is built in students as well as in parents.

GCUF MS M Phil & MBA Merit List 2020

GCUF M.Phil Applied Linguistics Merit List

GCUF LLM  Merit List

GCUF MS Political Science  Merit List

GCUF M.Phil Education  Merit List

GCUF M.Phil Physical Chemistry  Merit List

GCUF MS Software Engineering  Merit List

GCUF M.Phil Analytical Chemistry  Merit List

GCUF M.Phil Pharmaceutical Chemistry  Merit List

GCUF MS Business Administration  Merit List

GCUF M.Phil COMMERCE  Merit List

GCUF M.Phil Islamic Studies  Merit List

GCUF M.Phil Environmental Science  Merit List

GCUF M.Phil Zoology  Merit List

GCUF MS Food and Nutrition  Merit List

GCUF MS Food Science and Technology Merit List

GCUF M.Phil Pakistan Studies  Merit List

GCUF M.Phil Art and Design  Merit List

GCUF MS Clinical Psychology Merit List

GCUF M.Phil Geography  Merit List

GCUF MS Computer Science  Merit List

GCUF M.Phil Inorganic Chemistry  Merit List

GCUF M.Phil Pharmaceutics Merit List

GCUF M.Phil Economics Merit List

GCUF MS Public Administration Merit List

GCUF M.Phil Arabic Merit List

GCUF MS Electrical Engineering Merit List

GCUF M.Phil Bio Chemistry Merit List

GCUF M.Phil Microbiology Merit List

GCUF M.Phil Phytomedicine Merit List

GCUF M.Phil English Merit List

GCUF M.Phil History Merit List

GCUF M.Phil Mass Communication Merit List

GCUF M.Phil Mathematics Merit List

GCUF M.Phil Organic Chemistry Merit List

GCUF MS Information Technology Merit List

GCUF M.Phil Applied Chemistry Merit List

GCUF M.Phil Pharmacology Merit List

GCUF MBA 2 Years Merit List

GCUF M.Phil Punjabi Merit List

GCUF M.Phil Urdu Merit List

GCUF M.Phil Physiology Merit List

GCUF M.Phil Botany Merit List

GCUF MS Biotechnology Merit List

GCUF MS Bioinformatics Merit List

Now struggling students that perform well in their whole educational career get a chance to get admission. Moving toward the admissions 2020 that are now open in GCU Faisalabad for master degree programs. During the month of December, it will finalize and whole merit lists are announced. All students that complete their registration must see these merit lists on a specific date.

Last Date for Submission of Admission Forms: 5 October 2020
Announcement of Merit Lists: A date between 5 December to 20 December 2020 Starting of Classes: January 2021

GC University Faisalabad Merit Lists 2020 PHD Degree

GCUF Ph.D Applied Linguistics Merit List

GCUF Ph.D History Merit List

GCUF Ph.D Applied Chemistry Merit List 

GCUF Ph.D Mathematics Merit List

GCUF Ph.D Economics Merit List

GCUF Ph.D Urdu Merit List

GCUF Ph.D Electrical Engineering Merit List 

GCUF Ph.D Biochemistry Merit List

GCUF Ph.D Food Science and Technology Merit List

GCUF Ph.D Biotechnology Merit List

GCUF Ph.D English Merit List

GCUF Ph.D. Education Merit List

GCUF Ph.D. Geography Merit List

GCUF Ph.D Pharmaceutics Merit List

GCUF Ph.D Business Administration Merit List

GCUF Ph.D Islamic Studies Merit List

GCUF Ph.D Botany Merit List

GCUF Ph.D Microbiology Merit List

GCUF Ph.D Human Nutrition & Dietetics Merit List

GCUF Ph.D Applied Psychology Merit List

GCUF Ph.D Chemistry Merit List

GCUF Ph.D Computer Science Merit List

GCUF Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry Merit List

GCUF Ph.D Arabic Merit List

GCUF Ph.D Environmental Science Merit List

GCUF Ph.D Eastern Medicine Merit List

GCUF Ph.D Physiology Merit List

GCUF Ph.D Zoology Merit List

GCU Faisalabad is a trustful institute for all students because it promote to a university from a standard college known as Govt College. After establish as a charted university it progress rapidly and within a short period of time get a marvelous rank in the ranking of HEC. Now it will lies at 5th position in the ranking that officially announce during this year.

Now, this is the main reason why students attract to this institute. It’s time for the announcement of GC University Faisalabad 1st, 2nd, 3rd Merit Lists 2020 for master degree. These lists are updated on this page so all desired students can check their names among these lists.