Saturday , September 26 2020

Minister of Science Fowad Chaudry Latest Interview VOA

Foward Chaudry Latest Statement Interview

Member National Assembly and Minister of Science and Technology Fowad Chaudry  Interview to VOA. Chaudry Fowad Hussain Interview to Voice of America TV Channel has open new controversy among PTI’s Leaders. Fowad Chaudary Interview with Suhail Waraich for Voice of America. Minister of Science Fowaad Chaudry Interview against Asad Umar and Jahangeer Tareen. Forward Chaudry Latest Interview VOA and Fowad Chaudry Statement against Jahangeer Tareen. Fowad Chaudry Statement against Asad Umar PTI.

Fowad Chaudry Latest Interview

Forward Chaudry Statement against Asad Umar and Jahangeer Tareen

Forward Chaudry given Statement in an Interview given to VOA and said that Jahangeer Tareen had removed Asad Umar from Finance Ministry. Forward Chodry Statement shocked the PTI. Fowad chaudary Interview rattled the repo of PTI. Forward Chaudry said that after the removal of Asad Umar from the Finance Ministry, he was in anger and when Asad Umar again comes in Federal Cabinet, he treated Jahangeer Tareen. When Jahangir Tareen Removed Asad Umar From Finance Ministry, that was the Time of fight between Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Jahangeer Taree as well as Asad Umar.Fowad Chaudry VOA Interview

Forward Chaudry Latest Statement Against Pak Army

Fowad Chaudry Statement against Pak Army hearts the Pak Army Lovers. Fowad Chaudry Said that Who fulfilled the gap of Asad Umar and Jahangeer Tareen were not Civilians. He Further Said the Decision Making in Government Decision should be through Elected people. Fowaad Chaudry Said that Imran Khan has given a deadline to Ministers that we have only 05 Month, other than time as shall not be allowed more time. Forward Chaudry Controversial Interview VOA with Suhail waraich was recorded on 23rd June 2020.