Benefits and Euro 5 Petrol Oil Price in Pakistan

euro 5 petrol price in pakistan

Government of Pakistan, Prime Minister of Pakistan has fulfilled another Promise with his nation. Euro 5 Petrol will be available in Pakistan on 01st September, 2020. Euro 5 Fuel shall be compulsory on Petrol Pump from 01-09-2020. Uro 5 Fuel shall be available in Pakistan from 01st September 2020. No one will be allowed to import Euro 2 Fuel in Pakistan after 01/09/2020.

What is Euro 5 Petrol Diesel and Euro 2 Fuel

There are Stages of Fuel. Currently we are using Euro 2 Oil in our vehicles. Now Grade 5 Petrol which is refined from world best oil marketing companies will be available in Pakistan State Pumps (PSO Pumps) and all other petrol pumps. Euro Five Petrol Oil tanker has been reached in Karachi Port.  Pakistan using Zoru 2 Fuel since 2012. From September 01, Euro 5 Diesel and Petrol shall be available in Petrol Pumps in Pakistan and HI Octane 97 Euro 5 Petrol Shall be used in Vehicles.

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benifits of euro 5 petrol

Benefits and Price of Euro 5 Petrol in Pakistan

There are many benefits of Euro 5 Petrol and Diesel in Pakistan. Some of the Benefits of Euro 5 Diesel is listed below

  • Improve Engine Performance
  • Reduce Engine Emission
  • Create a Cleaner and Greener Environment
  • Pollution Free and Environment Friendly
  • Fuel Average of Euro 5 is extra than Euro 2 Fuel

benifits of euro 5 petrol in pakistan

Price of Euro 5 Petrol in Pakistan is same as Euro 2 Petrol. The Fuel Average of Euro 5 is high than Euro 2 Petrol. The Price of Euro 5 Petrol in Pakistan will be quite the same as compared to Euro 2. However, the final price of Euro five Petrol shall be fixed by the Government. This fuel shall work only in euro 5 technology vehicles. Euro 5 Technology Car can easily use euro 5 petrol. It is better for those cars, buses, a truck with model 2009 or up.

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