Wednesday , November 13 2019

Eid Ul Fitr Moon Sighted in Pakistan’s Tribal Areas

Shawal Eid ul Fiter moon has been sighted in Pakistani cities bordering Afghanistan and the Muslims there will celebrate Eid tomorrow, media reports said.

Reports said that Muslims in Miran Shah and North Waziristan will celebrate Eid tomorrow after authorities declared Eid tomorrow in those areas.

According to local sources, people started aerial firing after they claimed to have sighted the Shawal crescent.

The sighting of Shawwal moon means the fasting month of Ramazan has finally culminated into Eid-ul-Fitr, the biggest religious festival of the Muslims.

A meeting in the chair of Qari Mohammad Romaan is underway in the Jamia Masjid Miranshah to deliberate the moon-sighting reports.