Sunday , August 16 2020

Dummy Actor, comedian Farakh Shah (copy of Imran khan) Died

Renowned actor and Comedian Farrukh shah died Today on 29-07-2020. He was a famous actor in showbiz industry. Stage actor farakh shah passed away today. Farrukh shah was a copy of Imran Khan and he always played the role of Imran khan.

Dummy of Imran Khan Farrukh Shah passed Away on 29-07-2020. Famous TV artist farukh shah passed away today. This year is the bad year for showbiz industry as earliest, Tariq Aziz PTV Actor passed away and now Farakh Shah died due to heart attack.

TV and Drama funny Artist Farukh Shah Passed Away

Farukh Shah worked in gourmet GNN TV Channel’s program Taroon Se Karein Batein. Pakistan fans like him very much. He always spread happiness to the Pakistani nation. He also worked infamous program of farrukh shah Joke Dar Joke.  He played very well the role of Imran khan and performed as a dummy actor of Imran Khan Prime Minister Pakistan.

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