Saturday, May 28 2022

15% Disparity Reduction Allowance Salary Increase Chart 2021

The Government of Punjab has announced 15% Disparity Reduction Allowance for all Punjab Government Employees of Punjab Government. the Announcement of 15% DRA was made in march 2022 by the Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar. before this, Federal Government has been announced 15% Disparity Reduction Allownce for All Federal Government Departments wef 01st March 2022. 15% DRA Allownce shall be given to those Departments who were not receiving any special allowance.

25% DRA Allowance

15% DRA Punjab Revised Salary Increase Chart 2021

15% Disparity Reduction Allowance Shall be given to the Punjab government employees on their current running basic Pay chart 2017. Check Scale wise Salary Increase after 15% DRA Allowance 2021 Punjab Government. 15% Disparity Reduction Allownce Shall be given to employees wef BPS-01 to BPS-19 working under the Punjab Government and shall be admissible with effect from 01st June 2021.

How Much Salary Increase after 15% Disparity Reduction Allowance

Download Complete Salary Chart 2021. Scale wise Salary Increase Chart after 15% Special Allownce is uploaded. Download HD Salary Increase Chart Punjab Government 2021. Notification of 15% Disparity Reduction Allownce Shall be issued Soon. 15% Disparity Reduction Allowance Punjab Shall be uploaded in few days. List of Eligible Department for 15% Disparity Reduction Allownce Shall also uploaded soon.