DR Abdul Qadeer Passes Away on 10 October

The Greet Scientist and Scholar Dr. Abdul Qadeer Pass Away on 10 October. May his soul rest in peace. Dr. Abdul Abdul Qadeer observes some uneasiness on 09th October and he was immediately taken to the CMH Rawalpindi for better treatment. But he could not survive and Doctor Abdul Qadeer passed away early morning on 10 October 2021.

doctor Abdul Qadeer Khan

The funeral of Doctor Abdul Qadeer was offered in Faisal Mosque, Islamabad. VVIPS, Parliamentarians, Army Officers, Businessmen, and people from all sect in Pakistan offered the Namaze Janazah of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan (Atomic Scientist)



Who is Doctor Abdul Qadeer Khan Scientist

Doctor Abdul Qadeer was an Atomic Scientist of Pakistan. He made Pakistan the Atomic Power in May 1998. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan has been Awarded with Nishan Imtiaz in 1996 and 1999. Dr AQ Khan also has been awarded with Hilal Imtiaz in 1989.

Family Detail of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan Biography

The family of Doctor Abdul Qadeer Khan is included with 02 Daughters and a wife. See below the Family Detail of Doctor Abdul Qadeer Khan

Date of Birth 01st April 1936
Date of Death 10th October 2021
Place of Birth Bhopal India
Father Name Abdul Gahfoor Khan
Mother Name Zulekha Begum
Wife Name of Dr Abdul Qadeer Henny Qadeer Khan
Children of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan 01.  Dina Khan 02. Ayesha Khan
Religion Islam
Awards Nishan-e-Imtiaz (02) Hilal Imtiaz (01),

45 Gold Medals, 03 Gold Crowns

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