Saturday, December 3 2022

Changes Impendent in Obama’s new cabinet, Hillary Clinton Probably to Resign

Washington: United States (US) Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton Wednesday indicated that she might not be a part of President Barack Obama’s cabinet during his next tenure.

According to U.S. media, Mrs. Clinton said that she might resign from her post after Barack Obama’s oath.

It is to be mentioned here that the secretary of state is under heavy criticism after the killing of US Ambassar and three other diplomats in Libya and many sections of the United States had demanded her to leave the post for someone more energetic.

Mrs. Clinton might be replaced with Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee John Kerry, a senior senator of the Democrats. According to analysts, appointment of John Kerry would help U.S to improve ties with Pakistan, a key country bordering the war-torn Afghanistan.

The news was also circulating in the U.S. media that Hillary Clinton might be the next presidential candidate for Democrats in 2016.

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