Friday, December 2 2022


Anchal Digest Eid Ul Azha 2023 Read and Download

read online aanchal digest

Anchal July 2023 Edition: In this article, you will find a famous monthly magazine & digest. Anchal is a very well-known digest among people. This digest give you part-wise stories and also new stories. All stories have been written by different writers. You can buy Anchal digest from any book …

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28 May 2022 Youm e Takbeer Speech in Urdu

28 may youm e takbeer

28th May 1998: the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was 1st Islamic country became a world superpower on 28th May 1998. Dr. AQ Khan took the initiative in that critical stage when India shows his nuclear power. So we celebrate Youm e Takbeer 28th May as the nuclear day in Pakistan. …

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