Wednesday, December 7 2022


Today Corona virus Patients Corona Cases in Pakistan

Coronavirus Live Updates in Pakistan [cec_corona country_code=”PK”] ============================= Coronavirus Live Updates in India [cec_corona country_code=”IN”] ============================= Coronavirus Live Updates in USA [cec_corona country_code=”US”] ============================= Coronavirus Live Updates of the World [ce_corona] ============================= Graphic View [cec_graph] Detail of Corona Virus Patients New Corona Cases in Pakistan You can see below how …

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Top 10 Richest People in Pakistan 2022

There are many rich people in Pakistan their names are Shahid Khan, Asif Ali Zardari, Anwar Pervaiz, Nawaz Sharif, Sadruddin Hashwani, Malik Riaz, Mian Muhammad Mansha, Chaudry Family, Nasir Schon, Rafiq Habibi, Dewan Mushtaq, Sultan Ali Lakhani. All these are Pakistani and Billionaires in Pakistan. These people play a vital …

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Top 10 Richest persons in the world

According to Forbes, there are 10 richest people in the world. Forbes is an American Business Magazin published on weekly bases. Its headquarters is in New Jersey city. Forbes published an article on finance, industry, investing, technology, communication, science, politics and marketing, etc. according to a report published last week …

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