Tuesday , August 3 2021

BZU Announced Online Examination 2021

Baha-ud-din Zikrya University, Multan has issued a notification in which BZU Multan announced to take online examination for All Programs 2021. The Registrar Baha Ud Din Zakria University has instructed to director academic to Prepare Revised online Schedule of BZU Online Examination. BZU will Now conduct online examination All Semesters of all Programs.

bzu multan online examination

BZU Multan University decision regarding Online Examination of All Semesters of all Programs was taken in the light of meeting of Deans, Pro Vice Chancellor BZU, Director Quality Enhancement BZU, BZU Controller of Examination, and Treasures held on 21st January 2021. BZU Multan will take online Examination of Final Semester each Program 2021.

Corona Virus has affected badly the education system in the entire world as well as education in Pakistan could avoid from Covid-19. The Government of Pakistan, NCOM directed to all the Universities in Pakistan to start online classes. In view of this, The BZU started online Classes till the opening of education institutions.

So resultantly, students of BZU Multan were protesting for the BZU Online Examination of all Programs. Owing to this, Baha Ul Din Zikrya University Multan has announced to conduct online Examination 2021 of Final Semester of all Classes & Programs offered by the BZU Multan.