Saturday , June 6 2020

Best Punjabi Shairi Kalam Mian Muhammad Bukhsh

Saif ul malook downloadMian Muhammad Buksh was a famous poet of Punjabi language. He wrote many poems in Punjabi on current affairs. Especially Saif Ul Malook was the best Punjabi poetry of Mian Muhammad Bukhsh. Kalam Mian Muhammad Bukhsh is very famous in Punjabi language. Here we are presenting a part of Saif-ul-malook which was written by Mian Muhammad Bukhsh. This kalam is in Punjabi. Download Mian Muhammad Bukhsh kalam saif ul malook online. Punjabi Kalam onlineKalam Mian Muhammad Bukhsh saif ul malook in Punjabi. Punjabi sufi poet Mian Muhammad Bukhsh kalam of Saif Ul Malook online.Punjabi poetry 2014 download

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