Sunday , February 23 2020

Buyers Guide to choose the best Bluetooth Earbuds

No more cables, even for headphones. True wireless has won many manufacturers, and gave birth to a new fashion. The true Wireless is the promise of listening to his music freely, even more than with simple Bluetooth headphones. The method of communication is the same, but the form is a little different. The so-called true wireless, or “really wireless” headphones in French, not only do not require cables to connect to the audio sources, but also the cord that usually connects them to each other, hence the feeling of total freedom. Buyers Guide to choose the best Bluetooth Earbuds

It will however be a little more careful not to misplace them, since it is also easier, but you’re probably not there yet if you check this guide for no other purpose than that of refer lost consumers to the growing offer of true and best Bluetooth Earbuds and wireless headphones. It must be said that this was one of the strong trends of 2018-19.

If some had not waited to get started, all the other players in the audio industry, or almost, have ended up following, with more or less successful. Here is our selection of the best models available for this end of the year.

  • Apple AirPods: the best performers

Often criticized, and sometimes even mocked for their unusual design, the Apple AirPods are nonetheless the best headphones we have tested at the Lab in the category of true wireless. They do not escape the usual drop in the treble, but behave in an exemplary manner on the rest of the spectrum while limiting the distortion and showing a good sensitivity. The autonomy, the quality of manufacture as well as the simplicity of use still lengthen the list of the good points and, if the absence of manual controls is regrettable, the users of iPhone will always be able to control the reading with the voice by activating Siri.

  • Sony WF-1000x: to enjoy your music to the full

The WF-1000x offers unparalleled listening comfort thanks to the built-in noise canceling system. We will retain with this a rather complete connectivity (NFC in addition to Bluetooth), the AAC codec support and convincing audio performance despite a notable weakness in highs. All with an average autonomy: 3 hours, while the case can provide two charge cycles.

  • Jabra Elite Sport: the most athletic

The Jabra Elite Sport has obviously been cut for the sport, and thus has small fins ensuring them excellent support. You do not risk losing them, even during intense activities. They also enjoy excellent autonomy (more than 4 hours), an integrated heart rate monitor and can be transformed, thanks to the companion application, into a real sports coach. This is enough to compensate for the small weaknesses noted in audio during their passage in the lab, such as a slight pre-emphasis in the bass and a peak at 4 kHz, while the low passive isolation will remain vigilant during training in urban areas.

  • Urbanista Tokyo True Wireless: the best value for money

The Urbanista Tokyo is certainly not the best audio, but they hold up. Only this earbud really puts them at fault, while the bandwidth is rather linear up to 3 kHz. They therefore offer good performance coupled with excellent sensitivity, not to mention the microphone for hands-free function. All in a truly compact waterproof (IPX4) format and convenient to use thanks to integrated controls while the small storage case allows you to recharge them up to 3 times and thus offer up to 12 hours of listening time. Shifting and Difficult to ask for more for their price!