Thursday , September 23 2021

Azadi Chowk Lahore Signal Free Fly Over Images Pictures Wallpapers

download azadi chowk flyover complete picturesLahore Azadi Chowk: Govt of the Punjab has been completed mass Azadi Chowk signal free fly over project in a time limit period. Congratulations to all Pakistani’s. CM Punjab Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has inaugurated Azadi Chowk signal free fly over now.

Now people can enjoy travelling look like as in Paris. Azadi Chowk Yaadgar Lahore has been opened for public transport. Punjab Govt has completed this project in only 165 days. This Azadi Chowk flyover was built at a cost of 5 billion and 35 crores.

Download Azadi chowk flyover pictures images and wallpapers. Online pictures of Azadi Chow signal free flyover Lahore. Signal free flyover badshahi Masjid pictures images 2014. Download new azadi chowk signal free flyover bridge pictures.

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