Sunday , August 16 2020

Download Audio Call of Ajmal Wazir Dismissed on Demanding Commission

ajmal wazir leaked audio call

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister’s Ajmal Wazir was removed on his position on demanding commission from the advertising agency agent. Ajmal Wazir Audio call leaked and he was dismissed yesterday. Advisor of Information to Chief Minister KPK, was removed as Ajmal Wazeer was demanding Commission from advertising Agency Agent. Telephone call of ajmal wazir leaked yesterday

Ajamal Wazeer Leaked Audio Call Download

Ajmal Wazeer said that the Audio Call has been prepared by taking sentences from different meetings and press conferences. Minister of Information KPK Ajmal Wazeer war removed from his portfolio and Kamran Banghash who is the special assistant to Chief Minister on Local Government has been assigned the Additional Charge of the advisor of Information kpk.

ajmla wazir audio call leaked

Later on the Notification of removal of Ajmal Wazir KPK from his portfolio has been issued. The notification was issued with the signature of Section office Cabinet. Chief Minister KPK Mehmood Khan de-notified Ajmal Wazir from His portfolio as the advisor on information and public relation kpk. Download MP3 Leaked Audio Call of Ajmal Wazir KPK. PTI Followers are very much eager to know what is the audio call of Ajmal Wazir PTI.


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