Tuesday , May 26 2020

Punjab Develop App to Track Ventilators and Bed availability in Hospital

The Government Of Punjab, Punjab Information Technology Board has developed an Android App for Track Ventilators in Hospitals. Punjab develops an app to track ventilator and bed availability in hospitals. Rescue 1122 App for track the Ventilators and Bed in Hospital. Health Staff and Rescue 1122 staff have been given training on App to know the status of Ventilators and Bed Availability in Hospitals.


track ventilator app

Resue 1122 and Health staff will use the app to update data of Bed Occupancy and Ventilators in Hospitals. National Command and Operation Centers, Asad Umer and Dr. Yasmeen Rashid appreciated the efforts of Punjab Government to develop the app to find ventilators’ status in hospitals.

Download the app for Track and find the Ventilators and Bed Availability in every hospital of the province. The rescue 1122 Official will be able to find the availability of Beds in Hospitals. This initiative was taken on due to the increasing number of Corona Virus Patients in Pakistan.

Punjab Government Mobile Application to Track Ventilators and Bed Availability in Hospitals has been uploaded on this page. You can Down Punjab Govt’s new Mobile App to check the Availablity of Beds and ventilators in hospitals. Download Ventilator App free Here. Download the App for Bed Availablity in Hospitals.

The App for Ventilator was introduced in the National Command Operation Center Meeting. A short demo was also given. However, the complete app for Ventilators in Punjab will be fully functional within 02 days. Ventilator Status App can be download from the button given below.

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