Friday , January 24 2020

Aimaaz Ali 11 Year Old Pakistani Boy with Guinness World Record

Aimaaz Ali Guinness world record holder

Good News for Pakistani People, their country has won 01 more Guinness World Record. Aima’az Ali Abro is the Child who won this Guinness World Record by recognizing most 57 Countries in one minute by seeing their map. This record was set on 08 October 2019 at Karachi.

This Guinness World Record was announced and declared officially by Guinness world record yesterday on its website. All Pakistanis, as well as Family, Relatives, and Friends of Aima’az Ali Abro, are very happy about this announcement. They wish him good luck and prayed for his bright future.

First, it was the record of an Indian Boy Wajobhalo who Recognized 56 countries. But now this record is achieved by 11 Year Old Pakistani Boy Aima’az Ali Abro. It is the saying that last i.e 58 Country name is not sure either it was in within the minute or out.

World REcord

Certificate of Guinness World Record for Recognizing 57 Countries in one minute only

Aimaaz Ail

This is the 11 Year Old Aima’az Ali from Karachi, Pakistani who makes Guinness World Record on 08 October 2019.

Family of Aimaaz Ali

This is the Family of Aimaaz Ali, His Father, Grandfather, Grandmother, Brothers, Uncle.