Saturday , August 8 2020

Afghan Taliban declared jihaad against india after eid ul fitar

17 May 2020, Afghan Taliban Leaders have announced Jihad against India. Jihad against India will start after Eid Ul Fitar. The Spoke person of Afghan Taliban Abbas Stanikzai has announced that India has always played a Negative Role in Afghanistan and has always supported traitors.

taliban declared jihad against india

Giving an interview of Afghan Leader said that Jihad against India will take place after Eid-ul-fitar. Afghan Taliban declared Jihad against India which will start from at the end of May 2020. By this threatening news, the Capital City of India Delhi is terrified.

A press release has been issued by Afghan Taliban regarding Jihad against Bharat in which a decision of war against India by Taliban has been announced. The decision was taken due to the increasing number of Indiscrimination against Indian Muslims by RSS, BJP, and other Hindu Terrorist organizations who are involved in the killing of Muslims in India.

Afghan Taliban announced Ghazwa Hind

Ghazwa Hind has been announced by Afghan Taliban and soon the Islam will reign in Hindostan. Muslims of the world are welcomed in Ghazwa Hind announced by Taaliban. Afghanistan Taaliban has announced war against India after Eid. Ghazwa Hind will be properly started after Eid Ul Fiter. Afghan Taliban announced Ghazwa Hind.

taliban delcared jihad against india

Zabih Ullah Mujahid the Spokesperson of the Afghan Taliban has announced on 21st Ramzan Ul Mubarak that Afghan Talibans will attack on India after eid ul fiter. It is time to free the Jammu Kashmir from India. It is time to give justice to Muslims in India. Talibaan has announced open revenged against India. The Regular Jihad against india will be start after eid ul fiter 2020.

Afghan Taliban Declared War against India after Eid

Since the peace agreement between Afghanistan, America, and the Taliban, India always planned to violate the peace agreement between talibaan and America as recently two major terrorist attacks have been observed once in the Maternity Ward in a Hospital of Afghanistan and second an attack on a Burial in Afghanistan.

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